Adopt a Parish in Africa

Think about the possibilities if Catholics in Africa were given the opportunity to tune into Catholic Radio 24/7/365 days a year.   I’d like to tell you about how you can help make this possibility a reality for millions of Catholics.

The reality is Faith Satellite Radio™ whose mission is to reduce the digital divide between “digitally” connected countries and the rest of the world.    Faith Satellite Radio™ has teamed up with SIGNIS, the World Catholic Association for Communication to broadcast high-quality digital Catholic programming, courtesy of Vatican Radio and other Catholic programming, to 31 countries in Africa.

How can we in the western world help support this mission? By being part of Adopt a Parish in Africa.    Faith Satellite Radio will provide each “adopted” parish in Africa a satellite radio broadcasting content from Vatican Radio 24/7/365 days a year, this radio is also equipped with a data port that transforms it into a wireless modem which is able to download data to personal computers, thus the radio can also broadcast multimedia content.

Another great gift that Faith Satellite Radio can provide is the opportunity for parishes in the western world to connect with their “adopted” parish in Africa!  How exciting to be able to share our faith with those around the world.

What a wonderful gift if we were able to give every parish in Africa the ability to listen to the Christmas Mass live from the Vatican this year!   Don’t you want to be part of making this dream come true for so many in Africa – please adopt a Parish in Africa today!.

The cost to do so is minimal, only $38.00USD per month per parish will provide all of these wonderful services to a parish in Africa. (A minimum 3 year commitment is required.)  A whole parish or an individual is welcome to adopt an African parish.